SkillSelect Update March 2017

Results for the March 2017 SkillSelect invitation rounds have been released, we summarised the recent trends for Skilled Independent Subclass 189 and Skilled Regional Provisional subclass 489 applicants.

Invitations Issued for Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visas
The minimum score required for applicants to receive an invitation for a Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa remains at 60 points for occupations which are not "pro-rata".
The table below summarises the current situation for the Skilled Independent Subclass 189 and Skilled Regional Provisional (Family Sponsored) subclass 489.
Occupation/Subclass Min Points   Waiting             Total         Target           % Filled
189 - Most Occupations 60 Next round 23021 48000 48% filled
Accountants 70 22 weeks 2100 2500 84% filled
Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers 70 12 weeks 1155 1413 82% filled
ICT Business and System Analysts 65 31 weeks 1320 1482 89% filled
Software and Applications Programmers 65 4 weeks 4748 5662 84% filled
Electronics Engineer 60 14 weeks 821 1000 82% filled
Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers 65 16 weeks 1433 1539 93% filled
Other Engineering Professionals 65 11 weeks 962 1000 96% filled
Computer Network Professionals 65 6 weeks 1382 1426 97% filled
Skilled Regional Provisional Subclass 489 60 Next round 1082 4800 23% filled
The General Skilled Migration program certainly appears to be behind planning levels.
Much will depend on the Department of Immigration's reaction to this. Options they could consider would be:
  1. Raising the occupational ceiling for pro rata occupations - this would meet the program and result in lower points requirements for an invitation
  2. Relaxing the restriction on pro rata occupations applying for family sponsored 489s - this would probably still not meet the planning level for the program, but would be a boon for people with permanent resident relatives in Australia
  3. Do nothing - in this case, we can expect the number of pro rata invitations to be increased in the short term to attempt to get closer to program numbers
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Source : Acacia immigration Australia