General Skilled Migration Update - September 2017

SkillSelect results for the 20 September round have been released. For most occupations, the required score continues to decline. The required score for Accountants to receive an invitation has increased to 85 points.
NSW has released its Priority Skilled Occupations List for 2017-18 and should soon start nominating applicants for the Skilled Nominated 190 visa.
This article looks at the latest SkillSelect invitation round and at the NSW State Migration Plan for 2017-18.

20 September SkillSelect Invitation Round

For non-pro rata occupations, the required score for a Skilled Independent Subclass 189 invitation remains at 65 points. However, waiting times with this score are now down to 1 week, so we expect the required score to drop to 60 points in the next invitation round.
Most pro rata occupations remain stable, but the occupation of Accountant required 85 points in the last round, up from 75 points. The same number of invitations was issued in the 20 September round (239), so this result is very difficult to understand. We are currently seeking clarification from the Department of Immigration as it appears that there may be an error with the SkillSelect system.
Occupation/Subclass Points Required Waiting Time Places Remaining % Filled

Non Pro Rata

189 Skilled Independent 65 Next round    
489 Family Sponsored 60 Next round    

Pro Rata Occupations

Accountants 85 Next round 3351 30.0%
Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers 75 8 weeks 931 29.8%
ICT Business and System Analysts 70 14 weeks 1106 29.7%
Software and Applications Programmers 65 25 weeks 4342 30.0%
Electronics Engineer 65 9 weeks 700 30.0%
Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers 65 31 weeks 1530 29.8%
Other Engineering Professionals 70 Next round 700 30.0%
Computer Network Professionals 65 30 weeks 928 29.6%



The results in the latest SkillSelect round are very unexpected for accountants. For all other occupations, results were in line with expectations and we expect the required points for a 189 invitation to reduce to 60 for non-pro rata occupations in the next round.
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Source : Acacia