Accountants May Be Removed from Skilled Occupations List

The Australian Government is considering removing Accounting occupations from the Skilled Occupations List.
If the Government decides to remove accountants from the SOL, this will have a significant effect on many applicants for skilled independent and graduate temporary subclass 485 visas. Many of these prospective applicants are international students.
The decision has not yet been finalised, but discussions are underway with the accounting professional bodies and other interest groups to justify accountants continuing to be included on the Skilled Occupations List.
The change would come into effect from 1 July 2014.
Effect of Removal of Accountants from Skilled Occupations List
If the accounting occupations are removed from the Skilled Occupations List, this will have a significant effect on people seeking to apply for skilled migration and Graduate Temporary subclass 485 visas. In particular, accountants will no longer be able to apply for the following types of visas as they require an occupation on the SOL:
Skilled Independent Subclass 189: accountants will no longer be eligible for this subclass
Graduate Temporary Subclass 485: applicants who are applying through the Graduate Work stream will no longer be eligible if they nominate the occupation of accountant. People applying in the Post Study Work Stream would not be affected.
There are many international students completing studies in Accounting in Australia - if a change is made to the SOL, this would have a very significant effect on a large number of students.
If you are an accountant, you may wish to apply before 1 July 2014 to avoid the changes. If you are unable to apply before 1 July, then it may be possible to apply for a skilled visa which does not require an occupation on the Skilled Occupations List. Examples include:
Skilled Nominated Subclass 190
Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186
RSMS Subclass 187
Graduate Temporary Subclass 485 - Post Study Work Stream
If you are concerned that you may be affected by the proposed change, then please contact us immediately to get further advice.
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