Partner Visa

Partner visa covers those people who are engaged, married, or have a de facto relationship with a citizen of Australia and want to be with their partner in Australia. Irrespective of their relationships' nature, all such couples are eligible to apply for this visa (Temporary or Permanent). In accordance with their relationship's category, it will depend upon the evidence or proof which they need to present in order to support their applications. Following are the visas that fall in this category:

  •   Prospective Marriage Subclass 300 – This is a temporary visa that allows the visa holders to enter Australia on the condition that they will marry their de facto partner. Applicants have to apply for a residence visa onshore within the visa's validity.
  •   Spouse (Provisional) Subclass 309 – This is for that individual who is married to, or in a de facto relationship with his/her partner, a permanent Australian resident, and is located outside Australia at the time the application is lodged. First, a provisional visa is granted to the applicant, and then a permanent one is granted upon the fulfillment of criteria.
  •   Spouse (Permanent) Subclass 100 - A person who is married to, or have a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen, is eligible for this permanent visa.
  •   Spouse (Temporary) Subclass 820 – This applies to married as well as de facto couples who are in Australia at the time the application for visa is lodged. They first get a two year temporary visa, before allowing them for permanent residence.
  •   Spouse (Permanent) Subclass 801 – This is suitable for a married, a de facto partner of an Australian citizen.

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