This category deals with visas available to people who wish to study in Australia or to act as guardians for overseas students studying in Australia.

Generally, to study in Australia, overseas students must enrol in an acceptable course and also be granted a student visa.

There is one student visa class with eight visa subclasses. Seven of the visa subclasses relate to specific educational sector and one relates to student guardians.

The Student visa Subclasses are:              

  •   School Sector Visa.
  •   Vocational Education and Training Sector Visa.
  •   Higher Education Sector Visa.
  •   Postgraduate Research Sector Visa.
  •   Non-award Sector Visa.
  •   AusAID or Defence Sector Visa.
  •   Student Guardian Visa.
      Student visa applicants are assessed for the visa subclass appropriate to their principal course of study. So, for example, if an applicant is intending to enrol in a bachelor of art degree, they will have to satisfy the criteria for subclass Higher Education Sector Visa.
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