Temporary 457 Working Visa

People with professional working skills can enter Australia on temporary basis. They can conduct business, or undertake employment which is considered to be beneficial for the Australian economy. As the country is economically sound, it is considered to be a hot spot destination for skilled migrants. For the past few years, it is known to engage in the efforts to get highly educated migrants to the country.

So, in order to get a work visa to Australia, applicants must meet the below mentioned requirements:

  •   have sponsorship from an approved business.
  •   have the needed skills set for the position nominated by an approved business.
  • This visa allows applicants to:

  •   reside as well as work in the country for up to four years
  •   bring family to Australia to work or study.
  •   travel in and out of Australia as many times they want.
  • Business Long Stay Visa Subclass 457 - This is for a long-term entry from the period of three months to four years, in which people with business employment or interests in Australia can visit the country according to the validity of visa. This temporary work visa program allows the Australian employers to sponsor skilled workers to work in the country for their business requirements on temporary basis. These sponsored workers are entitled to work for their sponsoring firm or business, during that time period, they cannot take any type of job at other organization during the period. 457 Working visas are granted on the basis of sponsorship through an Standard Business Sponsor (SBS).

    There are three steps involved in the process of 457 Working visas:

  •   Approval of the employer as an SBS.
  •   Nomination of the visa application.
  •   The subclass 457 visa application.
  • Our agents at our Sydney office have in-depth knowledge and immense expertise in working visas (457 visas) applications, and have navigated through some of the most complex immigration visa issues. Our registered agents constantly make efforts towards saving the clients' valuable time and money, while making their visa process a smooth and hassle-free journey. For more information, you can contact our office in Sydney or our closest office to your country.

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